Vladimir Putin’s army could not conquer Kyiv even on the 47th day of the Ukraine-Russia war. This is the reason why he has now changed his plan. According to the latest information, a large convoy of Russian troops has now been spotted around the city of Izium and the Dnipropetrovsk River. American experts say that a 12.8-km long Russian convoy is moving towards the city of Izium.

Ukraine, on the other hand, is responding to a Russian attack. According to the latest information, Ukraine has launched a missile attack on a Russian truck in Bashtank. The bomber collided in front of a Russian truck loaded with cruise missiles shortly after noon.

Russia is moving towards Dnipropetrovsk

According to reports, US experts suspect that Russia is planning a major attack around the Dnipropetrovsk River. This claim of experts seems to be solid. Because the most recent satellite image shows a 12.8 kilometer long Russian military convoy. Photos from Maxar Technologies claimed that Putin’s army convoy was heading towards the city of Izium.

Ukraine is giving a tough competition to the Russian army

So far, the Ukrainian army has been battling the Russian army in Izium. In the past, the Ukrainian military used TOS-1A “solntsepyok” for the first time against Russian forces. It is considered his most powerful cannon.

The city of Izyum is located in the southeast of Kharkiv. The Russian military also wants to use Izium to intensify attacks on Kharkiv. Ukraine then claimed that Russia was sending air strikes on Kharkiv as well as sending troops to the city of Izium. Meanwhile, satellite images of Russia’s long fleet surfaced. TV towers were destroyed in the airstrikes in the Russian city of Izium, pictures of which also surfaced.

Donbass is surrounded by Russian troops

As far as the Ukrainian military is concerned, their confidence is high at the moment. They claim that Russia has failed to capture Kyiv and other cities in the northeast, then turning its attention to eastern Ukraine. It is in the Donbass region, where Russian-backed separatist groups have been fighting Ukrainian forces for the past eight years. The two regions of the same region (Donetsk and Luhansk) were recognized by Russia as separate countries even before the start of the war.

Even after 46 days of war, there are no signs of the Russo-Ukraine War being over. Ukraine has so far claimed to have killed 20,000 Russian soldiers. Ukraine, on the other hand, has suffered greatly as a result of the war. Russia has destroyed many of its cities. So far 4.5 million Ukrainians have fled the country.