The economic and political crisis in Sri Lanka is yet to be resolved. People still have to stand in long queues for fuel and food grains. Former Sri Lankan PM Ranil Wickremesinghe has claimed that the country has never faced such an economic crisis since he was in power. People did not have to stand in line to buy essential items. People did not have to take to the streets to protest. The current Gotabaya Rajapaksa government has created an economic and political crisis because of its incompetence. The economic condition of the country was strong when we were in power in 2019. Capital surplus was being observed in the country. When we left power two years ago, the country had enough money for imports.

If the current government Had I asked for help from the IMF, this would not have happened.

Vikram Singh said that China has not made any new investment in the country since it was caught in the debt trap. Maximum financial assistance is being provided by India. It is also helping financially by providing necessary material. This would not have happened if the present government had earlier approached the IMF for a loan. India’s line of credit will run till the second week of May, after which the loan will not be available, which will create a dire situation.

Increasing public pressure on Sri Lankan leaders to give up power

The political crisis in Sri Lanka is deepening. Along with the public, the opposition is also pressurizing the leaders to give up power. Thousands took to the streets on Saturday and Sunday to protest. People were protesting against the government carrying the national flag and placards and singing songs. Gotabaya was demanding the resignation of the government.