A manhole has exploded in New York’s Times Square. The explosion was so strong that its sound could be heard several kilometers away. The blast shattered the windows of a car parked nearby and caused destruction in Times Square. It can be clearly seen in the pictures that how people are running after saving their lives.

The entire area of ‚Äč‚ÄčTimes Square has been closed to the public since the explosion. A large number of policemen are present on the spot and apart from this many fire engines are also present. It is learned that no casualties have been reported so far.


Videos shared on social media showed dozens of people running on busy streets, with many asking what the loud noise was. Others said they heard a loud explosion, but did not know what it was.

According to the FDNY, no casualties have been reported. Firefighters are in the process of finding surrounding properties for any elevated carbon monoxide layer.


Officials confirmed that the fire started just before 7 p.m., and firefighters searched nearby properties and found high carbon monoxide levels in the 18-story office building. According to energy company Con Edison, the fire was caused by a cable failure.

“A manhole exploded due to a cable failure in the Times Square area this evening,” a statement said. At this time, there were no customer outages and no reports of injury or property damage. Our team is on location to monitor the situation.