The war between Russia and Ukraine continues for the 45th day. Russia today launched a helicopter attack targeting a Ukrainian military convoy, destroying Ukrainian military armored vehicles and anti-aircraft equipment. According to reports, the Russian military targeted a Ukrainian military convoy using DBH-52 helicopters. However, Ukraine did not support the attack. Meanwhile, more than a month and a half after he failed to capture Kyiv, Russian President Vladimir Putin has changed his military strategy and appointed a new military officer to lead Putin to lead the war in Ukraine. has done.


The war in Ukraine will now be led by Army General Alexander Dvornikov. Who is the commander of the Southern Military District of Russia. The Russian military has targeted some humanitarian corridors in Mariupol, making it difficult for those trapped in the fighting to escape. It was not immediately clear how many people were trapped in Mariupol. Mass graves have also been found in other parts of Ukraine amid fierce fighting. The Ukrainian military claims that several mass graves have been found in villages near Kyiv. These are the areas previously occupied by the Russian army. Ukraine and Russia, on the other hand, exchanged prisoners on Saturday.

Russia’s human rights commissioner said on Sunday that four employees of the state Atomic Energy Corporation and other soldiers were involved in the prisoner swap. Meanwhile, Russia opened fire on Kharkiv today. Kharkiv Governor Ole Sinihubov said two people had been killed in Russian shelling in the city of Derhachi.

Mass grave found near Buzova in Kyiv

Mass graves are still found in Ukraine. A Ukrainian official said a mass grave had been found near the village of Buzova near Kyiv. Russian troops have recently withdrawn from the area. The head of the Dmitrievka community, Taras Didich, said the mass graves were found in a ditch near a petrol station. The death toll is not yet known. He said that normalcy is now in the village but many civilians have been killed in the Russian attack.

NATO’s permanent military plan to confront Russia

In the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, NATO now plans to permanently deploy troops to Russia’s border countries in the Baltic region. This information was given by the Secretary General of NATO. Currently, NATO countries have a small presence in the Baltic region bordering Russia and Belarus. But NATO is now preparing to move a full-scale military force here permanently. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has said that the number of NATO troops here is currently 40,000, which is ten times more than a few months ago.