Pakistan will elect a new prime minister on Monday. PML-N chief Shahbaz Sharif, 70, is the joint opposition candidate for the PM post. The special thing is that on Monday alone Rs. The court will give its verdict in the money laundering case of Rs 1400 crore. The meeting of the National Assembly will begin at 2 pm and the new Prime Minister will be elected.

The opposition’s no-confidence motion against Imran Khan was passed on Sunday night. At the time of nomination, Shahbaz Khan said, ‚ÄúNational harmony is my priority. We want peace with India, but it is not possible without a solution to the Kashmir issue. So we will talk to India on Kashmir issue.

“If Shahbaz Sharif becomes PM, all our MPs will resign in protest against him,” said Fawad Chaudhry, a former minister in the Imran government. He can claim the PM post only after the special court acquits Shahbaz Sharif in the money laundering case.

Preparations are underway to bring former Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif, who is facing many corruption cases, to Pakistan. Nawaz is the elder brother of the new PM Shahbaz Sharif. He stays in London to avoid arrest. In this regard, Pakistan’s political analyst Rana Mohammad Tariq says that the new government will do the first thing because whatever Shahbaz is today is because of Nawaz Sharif. All cases against Nawaz Sharif will be withdrawn in the next few days. This is not a new thing for Pakistan as it has happened many times before.

Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif are also big businessmen , Companies associated with these are trying to improve business relations with India. Therefore, the new government will also be active in this direction.