Nissan-NASA Solid State Battery Project: Japanese automakers Nissan electric vehicles of the future , Nissan working with NASA , The US space agency is working with NASA to develop a new type of battery. According to media reports, Solid in collaboration with the US Space Program and Nissan state Battery will be developed. According to reports, in the near future, these batteries will be the lithium-ion battery currently in use. ion Will replace the battery. Solid state batteries are known to be very light, safe and very fast to charge.


According to reports, the Nissan-NASA partnership (US Space Program) The first product with a solid-state battery being developed by 2028 ( Nissan-NASA Solid State Battery Project ) will be launched. But the plant will be launched before the pilot, which could happen as early as 2024. Once in production, a solid-state battery can completely replace a lithium-ion battery. The report also said that Nissan and NASA The solid-state battery, once ready, will be half the size of the current battery used in EVs. At the same time, the time taken for battery charging will be significantly reduced.


In addition to NASA, Japanese carmaker Nissan has partnered with the University of California to test various materials. This would reduce the dependence on expensive rare earth-metals currently in use. In addition, the project aims to avoid the extremely rarely available and expensive materials used in lithium-ion batteries. Nissan gets its Leaf EV would also benefit. The car was first introduced by Nissan in 2010 and has since sold around 5 lakh cars worldwide.

Japanese company Toyota , German Volkswagen , American Ford And general Companies like Motors are also working on solid-state batteries. General Motors and Japanese company Honda Motors recently said that they are working together on the next generation of electric vehicle. but Nissan executive vice president of Kunio Nakaguro As per reports, the battery it is developing will be a “game-changer”.