Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has resigned. This is also the day when it is the day of constitution making of the country. The Constitution of Pakistan came into force on 10 April. Imran Khan has lost his government on this day. Imran talked about new politics in the country. But, they could not improve the condition of the poor. Political drama is going on in Pakistan for the last 33 days regarding these issues. Politics has heated up since the no-confidence motion was notified in the National Assembly Secretariat on March 8.

Legal proceedings in the National Assembly of Pakistan followed after the deputy speaker rejected a no-confidence motion against Imran. The Supreme Court rejected Imran Khan’s order to dissolve Parliament, both the ruling party and the opposition kept on demanding the constitution and law at this time. Although Imran Khan kept trying to use the law in his own way, he was slapped by the Supreme Court.

The court found unconstitutional the no-confidence motion rejected by the deputy speaker in the National Assembly. On Saturday, Imran Khan was ordered to face a no-confidence motion in Parliament. At the last moment, Imran walked out with his MPs. Thus his government fell.

Proceedings lasted more than 12 hours

The proceedings of the National Assembly of Pakistan lasted for more than 12 hours. The operation which started on Saturday was expected to be completed by evening. Under the order of the Supreme Court, the Speaker was directed to complete the proceedings of the House before 12 noon. But he surprised everyone by resigning. Along with him, the deputy speaker has also resigned. Thus the proceedings of the House continued on Sunday as well. Imran Khan’s departure was announced on 10 April at 1.20 pm.

Government is losing its constitution day by day

His government went away on the day of the constitution of Pakistan. PML-N and PPP leaders said that today is the day to protect the Constitution and democracy. After the no-confidence motion was passed in the House, the Leader of the Opposition Shahbaz Sharif as the Leader of the House claimed that the next government would be run by Parliament, Constitution and Law. Imran Khan has also become the first Prime Minister of Pakistan to lose the government through a no-confidence motion.