New York: Human Rights Watch (HRW) said on Wednesday (April 6, 2022) that the Chinese government should respect the right to health and other basic rights in response to the rise of COVID-19 in the country.

The New York-based watchdog said authorities in Shanghai have imposed strict lockdown measures since March, disrupting people’s access to health care, food and other life necessities. An unknown number of people have died after being denied medical treatment for non-Covid related diseases.


Officials tested positive under “zero covid” policy covid-19 tests After young children have been separated from their parents, which requires testing positive to isolate in a hospital or designated facility.

According to HRW, officials have hindered discussion of public concerns around the COVID response by further tightening restrictions on social media.


Yaqiu Wang, China’s senior researcher at Human, said, “The Chinese government’s approach to epidemic control by enforcing a ‘zero-Covid’ stringent citywide lockdown has resulted in systematic rejection of the medical needs of people with serious but non-Covid-related illnesses.” Has been done.” Rights Watch. “Authorities should consider citizens’ health as the ultimate goal, not zero-Covid infection rate.”

On April 3, the Chinese government announced the deployment of thousands of military personnel to Shanghai to aid in mandatory testing of all 25 million residents for the virus that causes COVID-19. On April 4, Shanghai authorities said the city would remain closed indefinitely – meaning residents are not allowed to leave their homes – as it reviews the results of a large-scale COVID test.


Many netizens took to Chinese social media to share stories of their or their loved ones being denied access to medical care for non-Covid-related illnesses, either because of hospital closures due to COVID-restrictions, or They were quarantined or diverted to undergo a COVID test due to a shortage of health care workers.

Rights watchdog said Chinese authorities refused care of some patients because they covid infection had or did not have evidence of a negative Covid test.

Netizens reported threats of self-harm or violence when family members were denied access to health care. Authorities have forcibly separated some of the children who tested positive from their parents to be quarantined in medical facilities.

So far, Shanghai officials have defended the policy, saying that anyone tested positive – regardless of age – should be isolated from non-infected people, and that parents should be left with their child only. Can happen when both are infected.

China’s much-hyped ‘zero-Covid’ strategy that the government has till recently credited with pulling the country out of the pandemic is falling apart as rapidly rising cases are again forcing the massive lockdowns seen in 2020.