Corona in China: China The havoc of Corona is being seen in the city of Shanghai. in shanghai Corona spreading rapidly in the city on Saturday 23,600 New Patients In light of this, the United States has allowed consular non-essential workers and their families to leave the embassy. Meanwhile, Shanghai’s deputy mayor acknowledged that the city’s response to the coronavirus outbreak was lacking.

Vice Mayor Zhong Ming praised the public’s support and the work of frontline workers despite public criticism of the tightening restrictions, but said there was a need to improve handling of the virus outbreak. “The work we have done is not enough,” he said. There is still a huge gap between the expectations of citizens and our work. We are working hard to improve.”

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The shortage has led to a shortage of couriers and there is uncertainty about when the lockdown will end. The Deputy Mayor has accepted the problems being faced in the distribution of food supplies. He appealed to supermarkets and pharmacies to continue to operate online as much as possible. In Shanghai, which has a population of about 26 crores, people have been forced to follow the Corona restrictions for several days including the lockdown.