A woman suddenly became the owner of a luxurious house worth Rs 30 crore. That too in just two thousand rupees. This has been disclosed by the woman herself.

One woman’s fate changed overnight. She suddenly became the owner of a luxurious house worth Rs 30 crore. That too in just two thousand rupees. The 59-year-old woman, who retired from the health department, was working as a foster mother in another’s house. Parenting means taking care of other people’s children.

The woman’s name is Katherine Carvedin. After retiring from the UK Public Health Service (NHS worker), she decided to become a foster mother. Katherine herself has five children, but because of her financial situation, she took care of other children. One day, however, Catherine’s fortunes skyrocketed, and she quickly became a millionaire.

2 thousand . Found a house worth Rs 30 crore in

According to the Daily Mail, Katherine lived in a small house with her husband Chris and five children. Recently, on Valentine’s Day, he bought a raffle lottery ticket for 20 pounds (about two thousand rupees). However, Catherine had no idea that her lottery would be drawn in a lucky draw. But on April 1, when she found out that she had won the lottery and won a luxury house worth 3 million (approximately Rs 30 crore), Catherine was overjoyed.

At first Katherine thought someone was calling her to make an April Fools’ Day flower. But later investigation revealed that Catherine had won the prize. The lottery official himself contacted Catherine and her husband and gave them the good news. Recalling that day, Catherine says, “We were shocked and did not know how to celebrate.” Happily we could not even sleep that night.

The house found in the prize is very luxurious

According to reports, Catherine’s new home in the Bones-on-Windermere area has a lake of its own. Also, this luxurious house has facilities like theater, gym, garden. There is a beautiful view outside the windows of the house. Catherine is free to live in, rent or sell the home. He had recently reached home with his family.