Now not only in India but also abroad, the road will be visible for the first time in the name of revered Lord Ganesha. The street outside a famous and prominent temple in New York, USA is named ‘Ganesh Temple Street’. This place was earlier called Brown Street, which has been renamed as Ganesh Temple Street. In a big city like New York, naming a street after Lord Ganesha is a matter of pride for the Hindu religion and the people of India.

Maha Vallabh Ganapati Devasthanam, a Hindu temple society in North America, was founded in 1977. Known as the Ganesh Temple, it is believed to be the first and oldest Hindu temple in North America. This Hindu temple is located in Flushing, Queens County. The street outside the temple is called Boone Street, named after John Boone, an American religious freedom fighter and pioneer of the anti-slavery movement.


The street was named ‘Ganesh Mandir Street’ in honor of the famous Ganesh temple in a special ceremony on Saturday. The event was attended by Randhir Jaiswal, Consul General of India in New York, Donovan Richards, President of Queen’s Borough, Dilip Chauhan, Deputy Commissioner for Trade, Investment and Innovation in the office of New York Mayor Eric Adams.


It’s not just about the celebration, it’s about the hard work

Speaking on the occasion, Jaiswal said that changing the name of the road is not only a matter of celebration but also a testimony to the hard work put in to achieve this feat.


Video went viral on social media

Knowing that a street in America is named after Hindu gods and goddesses, the locals are very excited for it. People are sharing photos and videos of the social networking site Street with the changed name. Some have even written an emotional message by sharing the video.