A car collided with the gate of the Russian embassy in the Romanian capital Bucharest on Wednesday amid ongoing fighting in Ukraine. It caught fire and the driver died. Police officials gave this information. He said the car rammed into the gate at 6 am, but could not enter the embassy premises. In a video related to the incident, flames can be seen coming out of a car and security forces are running in the area.


The Russian embassy declined to comment further on the incident.

Police said fire tenders reached the spot and doused the fire, but by then the driver had died. Further details about the incident could not be found. The Russian embassy here told a news agency that it could not give further details about the incident.

Romania borders Ukraine and more than six million people have taken refuge in Romania since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Romania on Tuesday expelled ten Russian diplomats. Romania’s foreign ministry said ten embassy employees were declared unwanted, whose activities “violated the provisions of the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.” The incident has since been brushed off, raising questions about whether it was an accident or a conspiracy.