In his national address, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan praised India for attacking the United States. Imran said, ‘No one has the power to turn a blind eye to India. Describing India as an independent country, Imran said that India’s foreign policy is independent. People have to protect democracy. The army cannot protect democracy. I am not anti-American. No one in my family is in politics. People have chosen me. The total opposition to power has increased. Is it a democracy to buy MPs and form a government?

Earlier, Imran Khan had reiterated that he would not resign from the post of Prime Minister. “If I were to resign, it would amount to supporting a foreign conspiracy, which I would never do,” he said. Earlier, the Pakistan Political Committee had proposed the resignation of Prime Minister Imran Khan. Apart from this, the Foreign Minister of Pakistan had also advised Imran to resign.

Decision to set up commission for inquiry

Imran Khan held cabinet meeting today. After which cabinet member Fawad Chaudhry said that the cabinet has decided to constitute a commission under the chairmanship of Lt Gen Tariq Khan to look into the external threat and its internal operators. The cabinet has given him 90 days to investigate and submit the report. The attitude of the Election Commissioner was also condemned in the meeting.