Former US President Barack Obama has arrived at the White House for the first time since Biden was sworn in as president. Barack Obama celebrates the passage of his Affordable Care Act (ACA) with Joe Biden at the White House.

After the celebration, both the leaders were seen talking among themselves for a long time. Barack Obama addresses a news conference at the White House after announcing the passage of the Affordable Care Act. During the press conference, Barack Obama called Joe Biden “Vice President.” When Barack Obama addressed Joe Biden as Vice President, everyone present there was surprised.


Why did Barack Obama call Joe Biden the Vice President?

However, shortly after, Barack Obama hugged Biden to thunderous applause from the audience and said that he was joking. In fact, when Barack Obama was the President of the United States, Biden was the Vice President.


Biden’s popularity is declining

Obama’s visit to the White House comes at a time when Biden’s popularity has waned since the act’s passage, with Obama serving as vice president. Biden’s decline in popularity comes ahead of a midterm election that will determine the size of the US House and Senate. Currently, both houses are controlled by the Democratic Party by a very small margin.

US media reports say a defeat in either House will have a serious impact on Biden’s legal agenda. Biden is already facing an uphill battle in recent months. While Obama is still the widely popular former president.