Recently a video of Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has gone viral. In this video going viral on social media, an old man is talking to him in anger. PM Morrison went to a pub and the elders met there lashed out at him.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison was angry with an old man and he listened silently. Morris angrily tried to persuade the man, but he was unwilling to listen. The video of the incident, which was made in the presence of the media, is going viral on social media.



Where did the old woman get angry? Prime Minister Scott Morrison suddenly arrived at a pub in Newcastle on Wednesday night, where he met an angry old man. This pensioner told him about the economic condition of older Australians. Man scolded the Australian PM on the income restriction for pensioners, meanwhile the PM kept trying to persuade him, but he did not listen. All this happened in the presence of the media.

refuse to leave the pub

The pensioner told Morrison, “When you were elected last time you said we would help all those who worked for a lifetime and paid taxes. I have worked all my life and have also paid taxes. When Morris offered to speak to his staff to calm the angry man, he became enraged and refused to leave.


The woman also told the PM

Not only this, a woman in the pub did not hesitate to listen to Morrison. While photographing with the PM, he said, “Thank you for being the worst prime minister ever.” The woman said she thanked Morris in response. Elections are to be announced in Australia in May. Cost of living is the main issue in this election.