brahmos_11zon-1024x576India is selling the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile developed in collaboration with Russia to the Philippines. BrahMos is developed with 50% Russian technology, so the question is, is India asking Russia to supply BrahMos missiles to the Philippines? Indian Ambassador to India Shambhu Kumar has reacted to the Indo-Philippine Defense Deal between Russia and Ukraine.

He said that though the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile was jointly built by India and Russia, the deal was only between India and the Philippines. The BrahMos agreement with the Philippines will proceed only on a bilateral basis.

The Indian Ambassador made the remarks in a webinar on ‘Philippines: India’s New Indo-Pacific Partner’ organized by Anantha Kendra. He said Philippine Defense Secretary Delphine Lorenzana had reposed confidence in BrahMos and said that India was making extensive use of it.

India has developed BrahMos with the help of Russian technology. 50% of missile technology is Russian. India is now selling missiles to other countries, raising questions over whether India informed Russia before the deal with the Philippines.

“India will have discussed intellectual property rights with Russia before signing the BrahMos deal with the Philippines,” Indian defense expert Rahul Bedi told a press conference. “Russia would have contributed to the deal and received a portion of the profits from the defense deal.”

‘Political decision on Brahmos deal at top level’

Speaking at the webinar, Kumar said that the decision to buy BrahMos from the Philippines was a high-level political decision. The deal was successful because of the political understanding between the two countries.

Giving details of the BrahMos missile deal between India and the Philippines, he said that the first agreement was signed in March last year, the second in November and the second in January 2022. “BrahMos is a front line missile used by the Indian Defense Forces and it is a fact that we want to share it with other countries,” Kumar said. The Philippines has praised it.

India is in talks with China on defense deals with disputed countries

The Philippines is a Southeast Asian country that has maritime disputes with China. India is also entering into defense deals with several countries in the region that have border or maritime disputes with China. Countries like Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand also want to make defense deals with India. It is also being said that India is giving Brahmos to Philippines keeping China in mind.

During the webinar, the Indian ambassador was asked whether China can object to the India-Philippines defense deal. In response, he cited the Philippines’ statement that it is buying BrahMos for self-defense, so why should any country worry about it.

He said that the Philippines wants to buy more defense systems related to the Air Force and Navy from India, which are being discussed. He informed that Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) has offered to conduct technical briefing on indigenous light fighter Tejas from Philippines. The Philippines has also shown interest. Apart from Tejas, discussions are also going on on the rotary platform.