New York: For the first time in American history, Muslims offered prayers in New York’s famous Times Square. A large number of Muslim brothers came together on Saturday to mark the beginning of the holy month of Ramzan. But questions have arisen on social media. Is it right to offer Namaz on the streets in such a way that the general public is in trouble? This question exists.

According to ANI, Times Square is a very busy place. A large number of tourists are also coming here. After the prayer, the organizers said, “Everyone has misunderstandings about Islam…”

He further says, “Islam is the religion of peace…” In other words, Ramadan is considered a holy month in Islam. The month of Ramadan has started from Saturday.


Meanwhile, UAE Social Media Influencer Hassan Sajwani has raised questions about this. He expressed his views via Twitter.

Hassan Sajwani said, ‘There are more than 270 mosques in New York. Great place to pray. You don’t need to pray on the street to demonstrate your religion. Islam doesn’t teach us this…’ Hassan Sajwani’s tweet is going viral at the moment.