A cargo plane split in two during an emergency landing. The video of the plane splitting into two has gone viral on social media. The crash occurred on Thursday in Costa Rica, where a cargo plane made an emergency landing and split in two. Following the incident, San Jose International Airport was temporarily closed. The plane of Germany’s yellow logistics company DHL was making an emergency landing when it slipped into two pieces. Smoke came out of the debris.

Hector Chavez, the chief of Costa Rican firefighters, said two crew members were fine. However, he has been admitted to the hospital without any trouble. The pilot was scared by the accident but later he regained consciousness and everything seemed fine. The incident took place at 10.30 am on Thursday when a Boeing-757 aircraft took off from Juan Santamaria International Airport and then had to make an emergency landing due to a technical fault.


The incident is said to have happened around 10.30 am. The Boeing 757 took off from Santa Maria Airport, but returned 25 minutes later after some malfunction. He had an accident while landing. The crew had apparently alerted the local authorities about the hydraulic problem.