PARIS, 08 APRIL (HUS). Now the hijab has become an issue in the French presidential election. Marine Le Pen, who is challenging incumbent President Emmanuel Macron, has promised that Muslim women wearing hijab will be fined if she wins the election.

Voting for the first phase of the French presidential election is on Sunday. After this, votes will be cast in the second phase on April 24. Right-wing leader Marine Le Pen is challenging incumbent President Emmanuel Macron in this election. She has promised just before the first phase of voting that those wearing the hijab in public places will have to pay a fine if she comes to elect the president.

According to French media, Penn, who is campaigning aggressively, is presenting a tough challenge to incumbent President Macron. Penn told French radio that just as there is a fine for not wearing seat belts in cars, similarly wearing a hijab in open places will be banned. If this rule is violated, a fine will be imposed. He called on Muslim women not to wear the hijab in public places in France. On the possibility of challenging the rule in the court, calling it discriminatory and a violation of religious freedom, she said that she will hold a plebiscite to avoid it.

The use of religious symbols in educational institutions is already banned in France. Full face covering has also been banned in public places.