The situation of Corona in China is getting out of control every day. Despite the lockdown and mass testing, there has been a record increase in corona cases in China. The situation is even more worrisome in Shanghai, China’s most populous city. For the last several days, about 20 thousand cases are being reported continuously.

According to the data released on Wednesday, 21,784 cases were reported without symptoms compared to 19,660 in Shanghai alone. The rapid increase in corona cases in Shanghai is believed to be the center of Chinese corona. Strict restrictions have been imposed but due to the Omicron variant, the pace of cases is increasing instead of slowing down.

The deteriorating situation can be gauged from the fact that more than a thousand military doctors are also stationed in hospitals in Shanghai. This is the same strategy that China applied to Wuhan in 2019. But statistics show that so far this strategy has not been effective on the ground. A total of 114,000 corona cases have been reported in Shanghai since March 1. The Chinese government has so far conducted three mass tests in Shanghai to control the situation. Every effort is being made to break the chain of Corona.

Meanwhile, a severe lockdown has been imposed in Shanghai, adversely affecting the food supply. Amidst the claims of the government, people on the ground are also craving for food items like vegetables, meat, rice. There are allegations that the government is only making vague promises but in reality no one is helping. Above all, children are being snatched from their parents when the Chinese government comes positive in the name of austerity. There are also reports that infected people are being sent to quarantine centers against their will.