New York, April 07 (His). Russia has suffered another major setback amid the ongoing conflict with Ukraine. Russia has been expelled from the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC). The decision was taken after voting at the emergency meeting of the United Nations General Assembly.

At the emergency meeting of the United Nations General Assembly, 93 countries voted in favor of the proposal to exclude Russia, while 24 countries voted against it. 58 countries including India did not participate in the voting. Russia had described this meeting as part of a conspiracy of Western countries against them.

Before the meeting, Russia appealed to all member states to vote against the human rights framework created by Western countries and their allies.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Moscow would continue talks with Kyiv, despite repeated provocations, ahead of the UN General Assembly convened to pull Russia out of the UN human rights organization.

On the other hand, the representative present in the UN General Assembly on behalf of Ukraine said that taking Russia out of the UN Human Rights Organization is not an option. Addressing the gathering, the representative of Ukraine said that we are caught in such a strange situation where a member country of the United Nations Human Rights Commission is violating human rights by entering the border of a country. Not only this, he is committing war crime there which is against humanity.

It is noteworthy that a mass cemetery has been found in the city of Bucha, Ukraine, from which the embalmed bodies of about 300 Ukrainian citizens have been removed. Many of these people are those who have been shot from close range.