Along with the zero covid policy, China’s Sinovac vaccine has also failed to fight Corona. China’s financial capital Shanghai, with a population of 2.60 lakh, is in a state of lockdown due to the biggest corona explosion for the last two weeks. Eighty-seven percent of Shanghai’s residents were vaccinated with the Sinovac vaccine, but Omicron and ‘Xe’ variants have opened the door to resistance to the vaccine.

Now the Chinese government is distributing the indigenous herbal medicine TCM to 2.26 million people in Shanghai. Chinese officials believe that the use of this herbal medicine TCM can give people new forms of corona and strengthen their immunity to fight the flu. Millions of cartons of TCM are being shipped to Shanghai by state-run pharmaceutical companies across the country. According to Fang Min, chairman of Shanghai’s Shugong Hospital, so far good results have been seen in TCM patients.

80% of China’s total cases in Shanghai, indefinite lockdown

  • On Thursday, 25 thousand new cases of corona were reported in Shanghai, all patients are hospitalized.
  • Under China’s zero covid policy, no patient is treated in home isolation.
  • The corona test resumed on Wednesday in Shanghai’s entire population of 260 million.
  • Residents of all 31 provinces of China were placed on high observation. Enter as soon as the feature appears.

South Korea: International flight ban lifted
China’s neighboring country South Korea reports 30 million new cases every day. On Thursday, 371 people died. However, South Korea removed Ben from all international flights on Wednesday. Also, after indoor, mask is no longer mandatory in outdoor places.