China has reportedly made the COVID guidelines in the country so strict that people are having a really tough time.

It is reported that Shanghai, which is the country’s economic hub, is in a very extreme type of lockdown, with residents living a very difficult life at the moment. The country has gone an extra step in trying to control the spread by issuing some bizarre new rules for its Shanghai citizens.


Citizens of the city have taken to Twitter to brag about the country’s crazy rules amid the lockdown. Videos showed COVID declarations being made by drones in the sky, and locals protesting the lack of supplies and singing from their balconies.

However, announcements are being made from drones in the country that the residents of the state should not sing from the balconies. The message read, “Take control of the soul’s desire for freedom and don’t open the window to sing. This behavior runs the risk of spreading an epidemic.”

Not only this, another video has surfaced on the internet in which health workers are asking people not to sleep together, kiss or even hug each other. According to the video, healthcare workers using large megaphones said, “From tonight, couples should sleep separately, kissing should not be allowed, hugs are not allowed and should eat separately. thanks for your cooperation.”