Ukraine_bucha_APRussia and Ukraine ( Russia Ukraine War) As the war continues, despite numerous sanctions and warnings from the US and the West, the attacks on the Russian side have not stopped. Meanwhile in Ukraine’s Bucha city Russia Of The murder is being condemned globally. India has also Russia condemned and demanded an independent inquiry. Following the incident, the United Nations General Assembly is set to vote on Thursday whether Russia should be suspended from the main human rights body of the United Nations.

Ukraine’s Mariupol mayor Vadim Boichenko said Russian attacks During the city more than 5,000 civilians were killed. Ukraine is now gathering evidence of Russian atrocities outside Kyiv. The mayor said 210 children were among those killed. He says the Russian military also bombed hospitals, killing at least 50 people in a single hospital. He said 90 percent of the city’s infrastructure was destroyed in the Russian attack.

Russia has called in about 24,000 troops from the Kyiv and Chernihiv regions in the north and is sending them to Belarus, a US defense official has said.

Let us tell you, an influential US Republican Senator on Wednesday in Bucharest, Ukraine. Russian army Welcoming India’s condemnation of civilian killings by Senator John Corney, co-chair of the India Caucus in the Senate, praised India’s comments on the issue. However, he also criticized India for abstaining from voting in the UN Security Council.