Russia_Ukraine_War_99815Ukraine Of Mariupol The Mayor of the US said that more than 5,000 civilians have been killed in the city during the Russian attack. On the other end, Ukraine Now busy gathering evidence of Russian atrocities outside Kyiv. meanwhile , The United States and its Western allies are pushing for new sanctions, accusing the Kremlin of war crimes. Russia north of Kyiv and has called in about 24,000 troops from the Chernihiv regions and is sending them to Belarus, a US defense official has claimed.

Russia is trying to infiltrate into the eastern part of the country

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky Said this. Russia is now trying to infiltrate the eastern part of the country , The Kremlin has said it aims to “liberate” the Donbass-language industrial zone. “The fate of our land is being decided,” he said. We know what we are fighting for. We will do everything possible to win.” Let us tell you, the Ukrainian authorities have asked the people living in Donbass to evacuate immediately. Deputy Prime Minister Irina Vereshchuk said that the people of Russian attack may be affected.

210 children were among the dead, Mayor Boichenko said on Wednesday. He said the Russian military bombed hospitals, killing at least 50 people. He said 90 percent of the city’s infrastructure was destroyed in the Russian attack. The attack on a strategic port on the Azov Sea cut off supplies of food, water, fuel and medicine. British defense officials say 160,000 people are still trapped in Mariupol. The city had a population of 4.3 million. On the other hand, humanitarian relief convoys have been trying to enter the city since Friday.