Varanasi, April 08 (H.S.). On Friday, the seventh day of Vasantik Chaitra Navratri, devotees remained absorbed in the worship of Jagadamba. Devotees duly worshiped the seventh form of Navdurga, Shubhankari Kalratri and Gauri form Bhavani Gauri, from morning itself. The sequence of darshan worship continued throughout the day.

In the court of Kalratri located in Kalika Gali, the premises and the street resonated with the sound of bells reverberating and relentlessly chanting – “Jai of Sanche Darbar”. During this, the court was filled with the smell of garlands, flowers, incense and myrrh with praise and worship of the goddess. Devotees, who came to attend the court, prayed for happiness and peace in the family by offering garlands, hibiscus flowers, chunari, coconut, fruits, sweets, vermilion, roli, perfume and liquid in the court of the mother.

This form of Adishakti is the destroyer of enemies and wicked. The form of Mata Kalratri is very formidable and fierce. According to the Puranas, this form of the mother was created to kill many demons including Chand-Munda and Raktabeej. The goddess is also known as Chamunda along with Kalratri and Kali. Due to the destruction of Chand-Munda, this form of mother is also called Chamunda. Mahakali’s tongue is out in a formidable form. Black complexion like darkness, a garland of shaved hair around the neck, a vessel full of blood in one hand, the severed head of a demon in the other, weapons in one hand. It is believed that all the fears, fears and obstacles are destroyed just by having darshan of Maa Kalratri. Mother’s vehicle is a mess.

On the other hand, a crowd of devotees gathered for the worship of Mata Bhavani Gauri in the form of Gauri. Devotees who arrived at the court located in Shri Ram temple near Vishwanath Gali Annapurna temple, worshiped Bhavani Gauri duly by law. There is a belief in Kashi that by worshiping Bhavani Gauri, the fear from within the person ends. By worshiping and worshiping the divine form of Mother Bhagwati, there is a continuous increase in austerity, renunciation, virtue, restraint and dispassion.