Meerut, 08 April (H.C.). The government is tightening the noose on former minister Yakub Qureshi. The former minister is absconding along with his family to avoid arrest. After sealing the meat factory and hospital, the Meerut Development Authority (MDA) is now initiating action at his house. The police is already engaged in the action of the gangster.

After becoming a meat trader from a lemon seller, the coin of former minister Yakub Qureshi became very popular. After becoming a minister in the BSP government, Yakub’s arbitrariness kept increasing. Cases were registered against Yakub, but due to political influence, nothing spoiled him. In 2007, nothing happened to Yakub even after announcing a reward of Rs 51 crore for the beheading of the Danish cartoonist. After the formation of the SP government in 2012, the old team of the Municipal Corporation, which became the strength of Yakub, was demolished by the then Urban Development Minister Azam Khan in the year 2013. After this, Qureshi and his son Imran also got defeated in politics. Qureshi’s bad days have started after Yogi Sarkar-2 was formed.

2460 tonnes of meat caught

Yakub’s bad days came as soon as 2460 tonnes of meat was caught in Yakub’s meat factory named Alfahim Meattax Private Limited in Allipur. Now the old files of the former minister are being searched. MDA has already sealed the chillers and freezers of the factory. Now the investigation is also going on regarding the factory land. The meat recovered from the factory has been destroyed, but the administration is continuously tightening the noose. MDA can act at their home. Four years ago, the basement was illegally built in the house located at Sarai Walim here. The police found a lock hanging on his house. The Health Department has sealed the My City Hospital of Qureshi located on Hapur Road.

Now the screws are tightening on Yakub’s house

The police is already preparing to take action against Yakub Qureshi under the Gangster Act, so the MDA has searched the file of Yakub’s house located in Sarai Bahlim. Four years ago, Yakub had built a new house in place of his old house. In that basement was also constructed without permission. No permission can be given to build a basement in the old city and neither can the map be passed. At that time the MDA was told by the former minister to bridge the basement, but could not bridge it. Now MDA officials are again preparing for action by taking out that file.