new Delhi: With an aim to provide modern and advanced education to Muslim children, the Uttar Pradesh government is planning to develop a mobile application for the students studying in Madrasas. The course will also include life stories of freedom fighters who have fought for India and its history.

Announcing the initiative, Danish Azad Ansari, the Minister of State for Minority Welfare, who is the only Muslim leader in the Yogi Adityanath cabinet 2.0, said that the government wants the madrasa students to be full of patriotism.


It is believed that this step is to imbibe the spirit of nationalism in the students and help them to get modern education for a better future.

For this, a mobile app based on Madrasa curriculum will be developed for modern education and life stories of great men and freedom fighters will be taught there.


He said that the students of Madrasa should be imbued with patriotism.

Ansari said that the Yogi Adityanath government will also give grants for the marriages of poor women of the Muslim community.

focus on education


Education has been the main focus for Yogi Sarkar 2.0 since the beginning of the second term. Adityanath launched the ‘School Chalo Abhiyan’ on Monday.

The program focuses on ensuring 100% enrollment of students in primary schools and addressing all the challenges faced by students in government schools.

We have to lay special emphasis on basic education. The campaign is being launched after two years due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Children who have not gone to school may be feeling lazy to return. But we have to ensure that no child is left out and everyone is admitted to schools.”