shahar e kazi mahli_777

LUCKNOW, 06 APRIL (H.C.). Shahr-e-Qazi Maulana Abul Irfan Mian Farangi Mahli said that the gathering outside hotels late at night in a holy month like Ramzan is wrong. Ramadan is a holy month and one has to spend time by praying in it.

Expressing displeasure over the prevailing situation, Shahr-e-Qazi said that during Ramzan, youths come out on the road after performing Iftar. Hang out outside hotels. Spend time on the road till late at night, whereas in the month of Ramadan, one should keep praying the whole time. In the month of Ramadan, it is not good for the youth to gather on the road, create an atmosphere or spend late nights on the road. After Iftar it is one thing to leave for some time according to the need, it is another thing to go out for a walk and create an environment by forming a flock.