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KANPUR, 07 APRIL (H.C.). The Colonelganj ACP of the district taught a lesson by catching the man on the complaint of molesting a girl. He decided ‘on the spot’ and slapped Manchale five times. The police has started taking advance action against the manachle.

Colonelganj ACP Tripurari Pandey said on Thursday that a girl student studying in a women’s college located in Civil Lines was being molested by the man on the road for several days. On receiving the complaint of the manachle, today he laid a trap to nab the miscreants. When the girl student came out of college as usual, she reached by bike and while chasing, she started making obscene remarks. Here, seeing the behavior of the man, the police caught hold of the siege while molesting him.

ACP Colonelganj gave five slaps to the manchale who molested the student, deciding ‘on the spot’. He appreciated the ACP for teaching a lesson to the man in front of the victim girl student and her family members. The girl’s father says that the manchala, who was caught for the last several days, was chasing and molesting the daughter on her way to college. Kanpur Police has done well by catching him. Such miscreants should be learned a lesson and strict action should be taken. In the case, the ACP told that the man caught was Wasim. Action is being taken against Manchle.