Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh): Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s recent remarks urging people to speak in Hindi as an alternative to English, supported the move across the country, while others despised it. Many also believe that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is raising Hindi as the official language of the country in North and South India for immediate political gains.

Amidst the debate, Hriday Narayan Dixit, former Speaker of the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly and senior BJP leader, said that the Union Home Minister had actually said that states should use Hindi instead of English for communication and use their respective local languages. I should continue speaking. Dixit, however, said there were protests against speaking in Hindi by some states.

The BJP leader said that the social workers and other eminent scholars of the country should tell the people that Hindi is the official language of our country and it has no competition with any local language. “The regional languages ​​of the respective states have no conflict with Hindi. Hindi and Indian languages ​​belong to one family.” The former Speaker said that when the proposal to declare the official language of the country was introduced in the Constituent Assembly, Iyengar, the proponent of this resolution, had said that he wanted to declare Hindi as the official language of the country, but this is not the right time to do so. ,

At that time the Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru said that he accepted English as the preferred language but said that Hindi is the language of our country and we should pursue it which is well documented in the Constituent Assembly. Hriday Narayan Dixit said, “Hindi is the official language of the country. It is the responsibility of the nation and the state to make all efforts to promote and encourage it.

“There is no point in imposing Hindi in any state. I only pity the knowledge of those who call the use of official language “cultural terrorism”. Congress spokesperson Sudhanshu Bajpai said, “Hindi will not be enriched by plain speech or rhetoric, it will not be promoted by imposition, for this Hindi has to be linked with employment, it has to be linked with the world of knowledge, this is practical advice.”

He further said, “We have different dialects in India, there are languages ​​that are part of our identity, I don’t think it is appropriate to put a brake on it. BJP is already debating on food, today they (BJP) are talking about language, tomorrow they will ask people to wear only dhoti-kurta.” “The Constitution is sacred in this country, if the Constitution has guaranteed us freedom of expression, food and clothing, then the BJP should not do politics of dividing people on these important issues,” he said. Samajwadi Party national spokesperson Ali Khan says: “Hindi is the native language of only 43 percent of the people in the country, so it is unfair to force it on all people. All the languages ​​of India are equal.”

“Federalism is the soul of the country and the Constitution. Actually this fight is not on the basis of language, but BJP is preparing its election strategy through such move. By doing politics on language, religion, culture, BJP wants to ensure. The communal divide which is against India’s identity of ‘unity in diversity’.” On the other hand, famous litterateur and critic Virendra Yadav says that Amit Shah’s statement that people from non-Hindi speaking areas should communicate in Hindi.

“It deserves to be criticized in South India or non-Hindi speaking states because if a Malayalam speaking person can speak in Malayalam or Tamil with a Tamil speaker, it is like imposing Hindi on them, it is unnecessary encroachment on linguistic freedom. . “His (Amit Shah’s) statement is unnecessary. In the expanding country of subcontinent like India, if the dominance of one language will be imposed on another language, then it is not good for the unity and integrity of the country. should be avoided.”