Right-wing activists in Agra on Friday torched two houses belonging to the family of a Muslim man accused of kidnapping a Hindu woman. , By the way, in a video clip, the woman concerned said that she had gone with him of her own free will. Police have arrested eight people involved in the attack , The police say that the attack was carried out by members of an organization called Dharma Jagran Sadarsh ​​Sangh.

mob set fire to a muslim
mob set fire to a muslim

The in-charge of a police outpost has been suspended and an inquiry has been ordered against the local police station in-charge for being negligent in relation to the incident. Police said that the house where Sajid’s owner lived in Sajid Ranta area was set ablaze by the mob. A house near the family was also set ablaze. The mob was demanding the arrest of Jim Malik on charges of “kidnapping” the woman.

Police say the woman is 22 years old but still in school. Shops remained closed in Ranka Bazar as well and the traders also demanded the arrest of Sajid. There is no report of any casualty in the attack on the gym owner’s house. , A class 11th woman had gone missing on Monday. Police found him after two days but Sajid’s identity is yet to be ascertained.