Pratapgarh, April 16 (H.C.) Three friends, who went to take a bath in the river on Saturday, started drowning in the river in the Kandhai police station area of ​​the district. Two died while one was saved.

Swale 17 year old son Mohammad Raish Gufran, 18 year old son Mustakim Saleem 19 year old son Shabbir Ahmed, resident of Chalak Pur Kurmiyan village of Kandhai police station area, Said one kilometer away from home at 10:38 on Saturday morning.

On the banks of the river Chalak had gone to take a bath at Pur Ghat. Swale started drowning while taking bath. Seeing her drowning, Gufran and Salim proceeded to rescue her. Gufran and Salim went into 30 feet deep water to save Swale from drowning. The people around started shouting seeing him drowning. Due to this the nearby people also reached there. The information about the incident was given to the fire brigade and on reaching the fire brigade and police with heavy force given to station in-charge Kadhai Satyendra Singh, more than a dozen local divers started searching for Salim and Gufran. Gufran’s body was pulled out after 2 hours. After that the divers started searching for Salim. Around 1:00 pm, Salim was also pulled out of the river and brought out. The police handed over both the bodies to the relatives after conducting Panchnama.

Relatives and people around told that there was a deep friendship between the three and all three used to bathe their cattle on the banks of the river every day, but today all three did not take the cattle. All three had gone to the ghat to take a bath and all three could not swim. Due to the lack of assessment of the depth of the river, the three friends became victims of this accident. Gufran was the son of Mustakim, a resident of Jagdishgarh village in the police station area, who often lived in his maternal grandmother Jalalpur. Salim had come home from Surat a month ago. While working in a garage in Surat city of Gujarat, Gufran used to teach Tarawi in Ramzan in a mosque near the village. Swale was studying. On reaching the nearby village about the incident, thousands of people gathered on the banks of the river and the whole area became inconsolable due to the shouts of the family members. Everyone was stunned by this incident. From morning till evening, the three friends used to get up and sit together. After the Panchnama, the bodies of Gufran and Salim were handed over to the relatives. Gufran’s relatives brought him to Jagdishgarh.

Local divers discussed

When the local divers came to know about the drowning of three friends while taking a bath in the Sai river, more than a dozen divers jumped into the Sai river and started searching for both the drowned youths. After an hour’s effort, divers managed to retrieve the bodies of both the youths. Due to this work of local divers, the fire brigade had reached the spot just for the sake of consummation. There was no government diver on the spot. Local divers managed to retrieve both the bodies with nets and barbed nets. On getting information about the incident, Area Officer Patti Dilip Kumar Singh, station in-charge Satyendra Singh outpost in-charge Dilippur were present on the spot along with heavy force.