LUCKNOW, 07 APRIL (H.C.). Minister of State for AYUSH in the Uttar Pradesh government, Dayashankar Mishra ‘Dayalu’ said that instead of emphasizing on building new infrastructure, we will speed up health facilities in the old system itself. We have decided that we will not go to anyone’s hospital and medical college program for now. We want all the existing hospitals and doctors to start functioning. Give his 100 percent. Hospitality is more important than good tiles, AC and other arrangements in hospitals.

Talking to Hindustan Samachar, Ayush Minister said that Ayurveda is our ancient medical system. The world has seen the importance of Ayurveda as well as Yoga in the Corona call. After getting the new responsibility, told about the action plan that first of all our emphasis is to strengthen the system which is with the department. It should not happen that we do not work in the hope of good arrangements and the treatment of people is affected.

Dayashankar Mishra said that after meeting with the officials, it has been told that all the Ayurveda hospitals and colleges in the state should be operated properly. Get proper treatment in those hospitals. Open OPD on time. The posted doctors reach the hospital. Availability of medicines. So that people’s trust in our Ayurveda hospitals increases even more. He said that people go to Kerala to get Panchakarma done. Due to this the tourism of Kerala is prosperous. Why can’t it be in our hospitals. It will be the endeavor of my government that in the coming days, in the Ayurveda hospitals of UP, from Pancha Karma to other useful methods will be promoted.

The Minister of AYUSH said that India has given knowledge to the world from the ancient call itself. Be it the knowledge of the art of living or the knowledge of medicine. In the epidemic like corona, the whole world has been inclined towards Ayurveda. Today our yoga has been accepted by people all over the world.