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Sub-Collector/Executive Officer, Nagar Palika Parishad Parishad gave information
For many years, the city’s vandals were doing illegal extortion at the vehicle bases
Due to non-auction of vehicle bases by the Municipal Council for many years in the district, the recovery may be stopped soon at the stop bases which have become a means of illegal earnings. In the urban area, the people of mafia domineering nature at many halts by the municipality in the name of power, by showing fear to the poor drivers in the name of power, make illegal recovery from the drivers on the basis of hooliganism. These people are causing loss of revenue of lakhs of rupees per month to the municipal council by taking the name of the public representatives of the ruling party at the stop places of the municipality. , in front of the hospital, Gandhinagar Tirahe, Gadankheda Bypass, the so-called 12 vehicles have continued illegal extortion for many years from the stop. There have been bloody conflicts here many times in the wake of illegal extortion of lakhs of rupees every day. Many people have also lost their lives. Despite this, the Municipal Council is giving an opportunity to the people of the domineering nature to run the municipalities illegally by not doing the auction process at their bases, due to which there is an atmosphere of fear among the poor drivers.
Most of the stations running in the name of stop fee of the same district are not valid from anywhere.
Auction may happen in a few days-
Due to the non-completion of the auction process on time at the halt points of the municipality, when the reporter informed the Executive Officer/Sadar SDM about illegal recovery by the people of Dabangg, he told that as soon as possible, the District Magistrate by bringing it to the notice of the District Magistrate. After the order of the Municipal Council, the operation of the bases will be done by conducting the auction process as per the rules at all the stops of the Municipal Council. In order to avoid loss of government revenue, soon after informing the District Magistrate about the matter, illegal recovery will be stopped at the halt points of the Nagar Palika Parishad.
List of illegal recovery to be done from the halt points of the municipality in the urban area-
1- Housing Development-
Unnao to Kanpur Magic Adda under Aawas Vikas Bridge (20 vehicles)
Opposite Annapurna Mandir – Opposite Vishal Motors (E-rickshaws, autos, tempo etc. running from bypass to city area)(Rs.20 per day)
2- Moti Nagar
Moti Nagar to Nawabganj Tempo Stand in front of Unnao Shuklaganj Development Authority 40 vehicles Rs 50 per day
3- Hardoi Bridge Unnao to Safipur, Bangarmau Hardoi Bus Stand, 50 vehicles, Rs 100 per round
Unnao to Mohan Bus Stand
4- IBP intersection Unnao to Padri Navarna (tempo), 35 vehicles, 50 rupees per day
Unnao to Purva Maurawan (Bus), Rs 100 per round
5- Auto, e-rickshaw, in front of Gurudwara, Rs 20 per day
6- Gandhi Nagar Tirahe
Unnao Kanpur Tempo Stand, 300 vehicles, 30 rupees detour
Unnao Shuklaganj tempo stand, 350 vehicles, 20 rupees affair
Unnao Shuklaganj Auto Stand, 50 vehicles, Rs 30 per round
7- Opposite District Hospital-
Unnao to Achalganj tempo stand, 80 vehicles, Rs 30 per round
Unnao to Lalkuan, Bighapur, Takia Jeep/Magic/Bolero Stand

8- SP Office Tirahe-Unnao to Rau, Chakalvansi, Pariyar Tempo Stand, Unnao to Sandila Bus Stand

Unnao to Bangarmau Magic Stand