Auraiya, April 07 (H.S.). Vichitra Pahal Sewa Samiti organized Yamuna Aarti on the auspicious occasion of Yamuna Jayanti on Thursday. The members of the committee performed the divine aarti of Yamuna Maiyya with the ritualistic worship and worship, along with the bell, conch shell, etc.

The founder of the committee told that the origin of Yamuna is from Yamunotri. A visit to that region is considered incomplete without visiting Yamunotri. This is the highest peak of 65 hundred meters in the Garhwal region. It is also called Sumer. The name of a part of it is Kalind, from here the Yamuna starts. Every year on the auspicious occasion of Yamuna Jayanti, on the holy occasion of Yamuna Jayanti, on the Chhath of Navratri, the committee celebrates the Yamuna Aarti with great pomp at the rest situated on the banks of the Yamuna.

After the aarti of Yamuna Maiyya, devotees dedicated each and every lamp of their faith to Yamuna Maiyya for the well-being, happiness, prosperity, peace and prosperity of themselves and their families. The founder of the committee told that Yamuna and Yamraj are the children of the supremely stunning Sun God.

Yamraj had given a boon to his sister Yamuna. That a creature bathing in Yamuna would never have to go to Yamlok. As soon as the new year began, six days later, on Chhath, Yamuna left her brother Yamraj and came to Dhara Dham. That’s why Yamuna Jayanti is celebrated with great pomp on Navratri Chhath.

Prominent in the program were medical experts Dr. SS Parihar, Dr. Omvir Singh, Dr. Abhay Kant Agarwal, Ranger of Forest Department Laxmi Kant Dubey, Member Chhaiya Tripathi, retired officer from bank Shekhar Gupta, Tej Bahadur Verma, teacher Anurag Gupta, Anand Gupta Aditya Lakshyakar, Rajjan Balmiki etc. Two hundred devotees were present.