Kushinagar, April 11 (H.S.). Aviation service provider company SpiceJet has stopped the Kushinagar-Kolkata flight service. The company is talking about suspending the service due to less number of passengers. Officials of the Airport Authority of India (AAI) are calling it an affair of the (RCS) Regional Connectivity Scheme. In fact, on the vacant seats in the scheme, the Government of India gives 60 percent subsidy of the fare to the airline. At present, the passengers traveling to Kolkata are going to and from Kushinagar via Delhi.

The 72 seater aircraft was flying on the Delhi route. The company’s 90 seater aircraft is flying after the Kolkata flight was suspended. The company is hesitant to provide direct service to Kolkata due to the apprehension of loss.

There is displeasure among the people for not flying as per the announcement made by the Prime Minister at the time of the airport’s inauguration on October 20. The company had announced to start service from Kushinagar to Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai. As per the announcement, Kushinagar-Delhi air service is running regularly. Kolkata came to a standstill after four days. Flight service to Mumbai has not started yet.

There is resentment among the people due to the apathy of the airline. Pankaj Kumar Singh, an entrepreneur associated with the tourism sector, says that till the service becomes prevalent, the shortage of passengers is natural. The other company is not promoting the services of Kushinagar. Any industry business comes in profit only after a particular period. There is a lot of potential on the Kolkata route from the point of view of tourism.

Airport Director A.K. Dwivedi said that the Kushinagar-Delhi flight service is under RCS. Anyway, enough passengers are getting on this route. Kolkata flight is suspended. The company has been asked for Mumbai. Headquarters is being apprised of the situation.

Airbus 320 will come from Vietnam: Airbus A-320 will land from Vietnam on March 27 at Kushinagar Airport. Officials of Vietnamese airlines will also come from this plane including Buddhist monks and tourists. Officials will study the possibilities of starting Vietnam-Kushinagar regular flight service.

Indigo involved in the process: The airline IndiGo has come forward to start flight service from Kushinagar Airport. The process is going on between the company and AAI. Soon it will be signed. Indigo plans to fly from here to many big cities including Delhi, Jammu, Kolkata, Mumbai, Kathmandu.