After the official Twitter of the Chief Minister’s Office (CM Office) of Uttar Pradesh, now the official Twitter handle of the Government of Uttar Pradesh has been hacked. On the official Twitter handle of PUPGovt, the UP government is posting strange and poor. Tagged many people by tweeting one after the other.

CM’s Twitter account also hacked

Earlier, hackers hacked the Twitter handles of the CM’s Office, the country’s Meteorological Department (IMD) and the University Grants Commission (UGC). The Twitter account of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister’s Office was hacked on Saturday. The hackers made several tweets from the official handle of UP CMO.

The hacker wrote from the Twitter handle of UP CM’s office – ‘How to turn on your BAYC / MAYC animated on Twitter’ tutorial was posted and profile photo was also changed. The profile picture posted by the hackers was similar to the board app Yacht Club NFT. The Twitter account of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister’s Office was recovered 30 minutes after it was hacked.

Apart from this, the Twitter account of the Meteorological Department i.e. IMD was also hacked on 9 April. While hacking the Twitter account, the hackers wrote, “We are opening airdrops for all active NFT traders for two hours, the Beanz official archive is going live.” That is, the matter was related to NFT. Similarly, the Twitter handle of UGC was also hacked.