Varanasi, April 11 (H.S.). In order to stop the politics of freebies in the country, members of social organization Subah A Banaras Club on Monday demonstrated fiercely at Maidagin Square.

During this, Mukesh Jaiswal of the organization said that in order to capture power in the country and the state, the way people are making lucrative promises to woo the voters in today’s politics, its serious consequences from the economic point of view in the coming days. Will meet.

Other speakers said that apart from only education, justice and treatment, do not give anything free to the public. “Freedom makes people drab and country weak”. The way political parties announce populist schemes to grab power, not only the common man has to face the consequences, but the economy of the country also gets ruined.

The speakers cited the example of Sri Lanka and said that what is happening there, to a large extent, such populist schemes are responsible, due to which it has suffered huge economic losses. Some states of India are also walking on the path of Sri Lanka, if they are not stopped in time, then those states of India will also become victims of financial crisis like Sri Lanka. Government figures of Sri Lanka and some states of India show that Tamil Nadu, Punjab, Maharashtra, West Bengal, and Rajasthan have more debt. We should make a new strategy, because if it is not stopped then one day the Center will be heavily burdened. Whose loss will be to the whole of India. In some states, there is a competition to distribute everything for free under the free ravees, and in such a situation, if they are not stopped, then such situations can happen, as has happened in Sri Lanka, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Delhi like in many other states. From electricity free, previous bill waived, pension to women every month and loss of revenue due to various types of inducements, it will prove to be a serious financial challenge for the country in the coming days. Due to which the entire people of the country will have to bear the brunt.

Anil Kesari, Nandkumar Topi Wale, Pradeep Gupta, Chandra Shekhar Choudhary, Sumit Sarraf, Parasnath Kesari, Bhaiya Lal Yadav, Dr. Manoj Yadav, Pappu Rastogi etc. were involved in the demonstration.