Noida: After the order of the Supreme Court, the work of demolition of the illegally built 40-storey Supertech Twin Tower building in Noida has been started. The Supertech Twin Towers are 40 storeys high, with a height of 97 m and a height of 103 m. Today, 10 April, explosives were tested and one detonation was carried out to destroy both towers.

Explosives were tested on Sunday to ensure the correct quantity of explosives needed to detonate the Supertech Twin Towers in Noida. The explosives were tested and detonated, which are to be dismantled next month. In its judgment on August 31 last year, the top court had ordered the demolition of the above tower in Noida. The contract for the demolition of both the towers was given to Edphis Engineering and now the countdown for the last days of the Twin Towers has started and 43 days from now i.e. on 22 May, both the towers will be demolished.

5 kg of explosives used 5 kg
The explosives were used during the trial on Sunday and five small explosions were carried out on the 14th floor of the building. Asked to stay indoors.

It will take three months to remove the debris
Earlier, Utkarsh Mehta, partner, Edifice, said that it may take up to three months to remove the massive debris from the Twin Towers. Utkarsh Mehta said that around 3000-4000 kg of explosives will be used in the process of demolition of the tower. Mehta said they would use a shock tube detonator, a non-metallic form of small diameter hollow plastic tubing. He said it would take only nine seconds to demolish the building. But it can take up to three months to remove the debris.