Mysterious fire in Kasganj: An unusual incident has happened in Soron block of Kasganj district of Uttar Pradesh. In Raipur Patna village, three houses of the same family are on fire for the last 8 days. The fire has happened 150 times in 8 days. The flames of fire are such that household items, clothes, items etc. kept in the house automatically catch on fire. Not only this, 11 bighas of wheat crop also came under fire in 7 minutes yesterday in this mysterious fire.

panic in the village
There is an atmosphere of panic in the village due to the incident of such mysterious fire. The three brothers Roopsingh, Kanhai Pal and Vijendra, who live in the village, have been fighting the fire for the last eight days. The fire started on 2 April. The first fire broke out in Kanhai Pal’s house. According to Kanhai Pale, when they were on the roof of the house in the evening, suddenly the house caught fire. Looking down, the clothes caught fire. The fire was brought under control by running a water mine. However, after some time, the cot of Kanhai Pal’s brother Vijendra’s house started burning. After this, somewhere there is a continuous fire in the houses of the three brothers.

Fire brigade deployed in the village itself: Due to the fire since last 8 days, the fire brigade has been deployed in the village itself. , At present, the people of the village are searching for the secret of this fire and keeping an eye on what is the secret of this fire. When the information of the incident was given to the collector, the collector has ordered the accountant to investigate the incident. However, the fire brigade officials are yet to ascertain the cause of the mysterious fire.

There was no fire in other fields: Fire
The formidable form of this was seen when last Thursday at 2.30 pm, the wheat crop in 11 bighas of Vijendra’s field was burnt to ashes in just 7 minutes. Villagers say that the vehicle of the fire brigade stationed in the village did not start after the fire broke out in the field and the engine of the vehicle got jammed. If you start the car by pushing, the water pressure is not set. Meanwhile, 11 bighas of wheat got burnt in Vijendra’s field. However, the fire did not spread to any other field.


Mechanism arrived to find out the cause of the fire
Today Kasganj Collector Harshita Mathur and SP Rohan Botre visited the village and took all the information from the victim’s family. Kasganj Collector Harshita Mathur said that whatever financial help can be given to the family through the system. Forensic teams have also taken samples from the affected areas to control the fire. An investigation into the incidents of fire will make it clear as to why the houses of these three families caught fire.