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Lucknow, April 10 (H.C.). The Uttar Pradesh government is working to improve the lives of the daughters of poor and laborers in the state by getting them married. In the last five years, Jyotiba Phule Shramik Kanyadan Yojana of Labor Welfare Council has become a boon for poor daughters. So far, daughters of 769 workers have been married under the scheme. Happiness has spread in the homes of poor daughters by getting a happy and married life. The government has given a grant of one crore 44 lakh rupees to poor families for getting married.

The state government is continuously doing unprecedented work for the poor and workers of UP. Since coming to power, the Yogi government has worried about getting the daughters of economically weaker families married. For this, the benefit of Jyotiba Phule Shramik Kanyadan Yojana was started. 51 thousand rupees were given as grant to poor daughters for their marriage. With the financial help being given by the government, labor families no longer have to take loans to get their daughters married. The government is proving helpful in fulfilling their responsibility.

It is noteworthy that the Yogi government, which works to spread happiness in the lives of poor daughters, has given Rs 36 lakh to 240 beneficiaries in 2017-18, Rs 24.60 lakh to 164 beneficiaries in 2018-19, Rs 23.10 lakh to 154 beneficiaries in 2019-20, 2020- It has given a grant of Rs 11.10 lakh to 74 beneficiaries in 21 and Rs 50 lakh to 137 beneficiaries in 2021-22. The intention of the government is to bring respect to the poor and improve their standard of living. Along with this, by helping them financially, they have to get rid of their problems.