Lucknow, April 10 (H.C.). Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) national president Mayawati hit back at Rahul Gandhi’s statement and said that the Congress leader should think 100 times before questioning the BSP. Congress has always been anti-Dalit. She does not want BSP to work for the upliftment of Dalits. Late Congress leader Rajiv Gandhi called Kanshi Ram a CIA agent. Today his son Rahul Gandhi is making baseless allegations against BSP.

Mayawati said in a statement on Sunday that the commentary made by former Congress President Rahul Gandhi about our party and especially the party chief, has shown an inferior and casteist mentality towards Dalits and other marginalized sections as well as BSP. The feeling is clearly visible. BSP is working wholeheartedly to make the people of these sections stand on their feet. Congress has not done anything concrete work in the ground reality to improve their social and economic condition during their long reign.

Former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati said that the government money allocated for Dalits has also been spent on most other items. They were also not given the full benefit of reservation and other essential facilities. So that these people are always financially dependent on others. Being saddened by this, Babasaheb Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar had even resigned from the post of Law Minister from his central government long ago. Then Kanshi Ram founded the BSP by following the path shown by him. From the very beginning, Congress is using every trick to weaken and eliminate it. Now just like the gleeful cat Khamba Noche, the former Congress President is not able to handle his scattered house, but is forcibly pointing fingers at the working style of our party BSP. Due to this his tremendous anger and hatred towards BSP is clearly visible even today.

Mayawati said that Rahul’s father Rajiv Gandhi had even told Kanshi Ram to be a CIA agent to defame and weaken the BSP. Now following in his footsteps, his son Rahul Gandhi also keeps wrongly accusing the BSP and its chief of walking with the BJP. Rahul’s allegation that we are taking soft stand towards BJP out of fear of ED and CBI is baseless. Whoever had a government at the Centre, we fought against it in the Supreme Court and got justice.

Rahul Gandhi on Saturday accused Mayawati of leaving the BSP open for the BJP in the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections due to the fear of the ED and the CBI. That’s why BJP won. He had also said that the Congress had sent a proposal for an alliance with the BSP, but Mayawati did not consider it appropriate to even talk about the issue.