Lucknow: Ahmed Murtaza Abbasi, accused of attacking the security personnel posted at Gorakhnath temple on Sunday evening, is in the remand of the UP Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS). During the investigation, it has come to the fore that the accused was implicated in the honeytrap by the ISIS terrorists. The investigation also revealed that the accused had also transferred money to Syria.

During interrogation with ATS, Murtaza Abbasi revealed that he had received mail from a girl from ISIS camp. The girl sought financial help from Murtaza and promised that she would come to India to meet him. As a result, Murtaza had sent a total of Rs 40000 to his account. The investigation also revealed that the accused had also prepared to join the ISIS camp.

UP ATS has got information about Mortaza’s four bank accounts from which money was sent to Syria. The bank accounts used by Murtaza include 5241930155430008, 6521814900006645, 4016130302415921, and 4018061378011385. Consequently, PAN card number AYQPA1584K was used for money transactions in the bank. Meanwhile, Murtaza had used his Maharashtra driving license Mh4320110021306 to open bank accounts.

Significantly, it was revealed in the investigation that Murtaza Abbasi was designing an app named Jarima at the behest of his terrorist masters. The Arabic translation of Jarimah is persecution. The purpose of the application was to connect those who felt that Muslims were being persecuted.

The peer-to-peer (P2P) app was used by Mortaza to receive messages from terrorists seeking help in building the app. Peer-to-peer is a communication medium through which a group can form a network and send private messages. However, the police have recovered the laptop which was used to design the application.