Tuesday , June 18 2024

Ram Navami concludes with prize distribution

Palamu, April 18 (HS). Ramnavmi festival ended in Medininagar with the distribution of awards. The prize distribution program was held on Thursday at Chhamuhan under the aegis of Shri Mahavir Navyuvak Dal (General). General President Pankaj Jaiswal presided, while General Secretary Vikas Sinha conducted the operations. However, at the prize distribution ceremony, some organizations created a ruckus by alleging that they had given the first prize to their favorite association despite not having the qualification.

He said that the list for giving away awards was prepared two-three days before the chariot was set out. However, due to the presence of police, the dispute did not escalate and the matter was pacified. The unions that lodged the protest are reported to have left the spot without taking their awards.

On the occasion, the first prize for the best chariot was given to New Surbhi Club of Hamidganj, while the second prize was given to Vishwa Sangh of District School Chowk, while the third prize was given to Shanti Vikas Sangh of Aghor Ashram Road. The first prize in sculpture was given to the Genius Club of Bairia. The second prize was given to Veer Bhagat Singh of Sudna and the third prize was given to New Bal Sangh of Sahitya Samaj Chowk. For better promotion, Upkar Sangh Hamidganj was given the first prize, while Kranti Sangh of Navatoli got the second prize and Hindu Sena Sangh got the third prize.

Samaj Kalyan Samiti of Kund Mohalla for taking out the chariot for five days, Jai Lakshmi Sangh for better discipline, Maruti Nandan Sangh of Navatoli for better decoration in the mohalla were given awards. Similarly, Jai Bajrang Sangh of Redma and Mahavir Yuva Mandal of Main Bazaar received special awards. Apart from these, about 38 chariots were also awarded.

Bharat Sevak Sangh of Mali Mohalla, Kranti Sangh of Navahata, Social Welfare Committee of Kund Mohalla, Maa Devi Sangh of Shivala Road, Shopkeepers Sangh of Station, Sanskar Club of Navatoli, Jai Hanuman Sangh of Pampukal, Navdeep Sangh of Belvatika and Nirala Sangh, Sumangal Club of Belvatika Jyoti ITI, Jai Lakshmi Sangh of Nai Mohalla, Navyuvak Sangh and Jai Bala Sangh of Belvatika Chowk, Nav Jagriti Sangh of Adarsh ​​Nagar, Sanskriti Sangh next to TOP 2, Mahavir Kishore Dal of Abadganj, Shri Ram Sena Sangh of Kacharwa. Mahadevi Sangh and New Bal Sangh of Bhatti Mohalla received consolation prizes.

Mata Hiramani's Seva Samiti in Bhandara, All India Vaishya Mahasabha, Baleshwar Family, Palamu District Goldman Association, Jai Lakshmi Sangh, Patanjali Yoga Samiti, All India Chandravanshi Mahasabha, All India Vaishya Mahasammelan, Hawker Association, World Union JPS, Mata Late Devanti Devi. , among others, were awarded. Radilip Soni, Vijay Patwar, Parmeshwar Ram, Rakesh Sharma, Naru Ram, Pravesh Raj, Shyam Rajak, Raja Kumar were given awards for performing arts.