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Rakul and Jackie's wedding rituals begin, the actress reached Bhagnani's house with her family on Dhol night – News India Live

Rakul Jackie's wedding begins: Fans are eagerly waiting for the wedding of Jackie Bhagnani and Rakul Preet Singh. The couple was often seen talking about their relationship on social media. Now Rakul and Jackie are going to get married on 21st February and the wedding functions have also started. Jackie and Rakul are going to get married in Goa.

Rakul Jackky wedding begins

Rakul Jackky wedding begins

Before going to Goa, their wedding functions have started in Mumbai. Dhol Night was organized with Jackie on 15th February where Rakul had come with her family. Now only a few days are left for Rakul and Jackie's wedding and the functions have started. According to the report, the wedding ceremony started with Dhol Night. Video of Rakul going with her family viral Happening . In the video, Rakul is seen in the car with her parents and brother. Rakul and her mother are sitting at the back of the car and brother and father are sitting at the front. Other cars are coming behind Rakul's car, in which other relatives are also present. Jackie and Rakul are getting married on 21st February in a luxury hotel in South Goa. Jackie and Rakul decided to get married in Goa as the place is special to them. Their romance started from this city.

Rakul and Jackie were going to get married abroad. At the last moment he decided to get married in India. Preparations were going on for six months that both of them would get married in the Middle East, but in December, when PM Modi called Rakul and Jackie and advised them to get married in India, they agreed and now the marriage is taking place in India. According to the report, this couple is going to wear not one but many designer clothes in their wedding function. It stars Tarun Tehlani, Shantanu and Nikhil, Falguni Shane Picor, Kunal Rawal and Arpita Mehta. Rakul and Jackie's wedding is going to be very grand.