Rajasthan: How will girls fight like this? Nirbhaya’s cruelty to someone who can’t even speak

Jaipur: In Alwar, Rajasthan, once again the poor have made the girl their victim. An incident of rape of a 14-year-old minor deaf and dumb girl has come to the fore. Delhi’s Nirbhaya-like cruelty is being feared with a minor. The victim has been admitted to Jaipur’s Jekelon Hospital. CM Ashok Gehlot is continuously monitoring the incident. Following the instructions of the CM, on Wednesday, state government ministers Mamta Bhupesh and Tikaram Julie reached the hospital and inquired about the health of the girl child. He has spoken of early arrest of the accused and strict action. The victim is also mentally weak. Zee News has spoken to the ministers of the Rajasthan government who reached the hospital on this very serious matter. Let us tell you what the ministers answered to our questions.

Zee Media’s questions to Women and Child Development Minister Mamta Bhupesh ..

Question: You met the girl child and her family, how much pain are you feeling by meeting them?

Answer: The condition of the girl and her family cannot be described in words. Today the condolences of the whole of Rajasthan are with this family. I think that someone who perpetrates such cruelty must be mentally weak. These poor people are living between us and you. We all have to try how to make the environment better. People associated with the social sector will have to come forward.

Question: I am a girl, I can fight, how will girls fight like this?

Answer: Look, our government, police administration has been continuously monitoring since night. There should be a clean environment in Rajasthan, such efforts should be made. We talk about religion, we talk about justice. But we all together have to change our society from the collective system.

Question: How is the health of the girl child, medical bulletin has been issued?

Answer: Baby girl is fine. His treatment is going on under the supervision of the best doctors. We wish that the girl gets well and returns home as soon as possible.

Question: The accused is still out of the custody of the police, when will the accused be arrested?

Answer: The police administration is engaged in search of the accused since night. Evidence is being collected at the spot, soon the accused will be in the custody of the police.

Zee Media’s questions to Social Justice Minister Tikaram Julie

Question: What do you have to say about this incident?

Answer: There is little to condemn this incident. The accused will be put behind the bars at the earliest.

Question: You come from Alwar, how long will the accused be in police custody?

Answer: Police is continuously engaged in search of the accused. The roads leading to the village are being checked. A child also saw the accused leaving. Surrounding CCTV footage is being scanned.

Question: Alwar has become infamous, news of such incidents is continuously coming out from Alwar?

Answer: Incidents are increasing continuously in Alwar for some time, which is a matter of concern. All the accused of the incidents which happened earlier have been caught. But still it is very important to identify such poor people.