Monday , May 20 2024

Rajasthan: Chief Minister Bhajanlal Sharma took a big decision in the interest of the common people, this will not happen now

Chief Minister Bhajanlal Sharma has now taken a big step in the interest of the public. CM Bhajanlal Sharma has now decided to stop his convoy at red light to avoid trouble to the common people during his agitation. Seeing the problems being faced by the common people due to the traffic being stopped due to his convoy, CM Bhajan Lal had talked to Director General of Police Utkal Ranjan Sahu.

As per the intention of the Chief Minister, the Director General of Police has given instructions to the Jaipur Police Commissioner in this regard. With this step of the CM, now the people of the state will not have to face traffic jams during the passage of the CM's convoy.

Under this, when CM Bhajanlal Sharma was returning from Jaipur Airport to the Chief Minister's residence at OTS, on the way, like the vehicles of common people, his convoy stopped at a red light. The nearby pedestrians were surprised to see the Chief Minister following the traffic rules at the traffic light and waiting for the green light to turn.