Thursday , April 18 2024

Railway Rules: Passengers should not do these things at the railway station, if caught, fine will be imposed, know the rules of Railways

Railway Rules: What are the railway rules? Most of the passengers traveling long distances by trains, after reaching the station in the morning, start brushing their teeth at the taps installed on the platform and also wash the utensils used for dinner. After this we also had tea and breakfast there. But do you know that brushing teeth and washing dirty utensils in the tap or other places (except toilets) in the railway station premises is a crime. Railways can also impose fine on you for this work. Let us know the strange rules of Railways, which are important for you.

According to the Railway Act 1989, brushing, spitting, defecating, washing utensils, clothes or any other thing outside the designated places in the railway premises comes under the category of crime. These works can be done only in designated places like toilets etc. If railway personnel catch you doing these prohibited acts, then a fine of up to Rs 500 can be imposed on the passenger. There is a provision to impose fine on such activities in Railways.

Know these rules also

If you write or paste anything anywhere in the train or railway premises, then according to the Railway Act, this also comes under the category of crime. A fine can be imposed on this.

Most of the passengers, after eating chips or other things, throw their wrappers in empty places in the station premises. This is also a crime. Garbage cannot be thrown in any occupied or empty railway premises or compartment except in the designated place.

In this regard, Chief Public Relations Officer of Northern Railway Deepak Kumar says that Indian Railways has fixed a place for brushing teeth, washing utensils, clothes or other things. If a passenger is found doing this work at any other place other than the designated places, such as at the taps installed on the platform, then there is a provision of fine on him. From time to time, the commercial department of Railways takes action and imposes fine on such people.