Tuesday , July 23 2024

Railway Ministry got a big achievement, name registered in “Limca Book of Records”

The Ministry of Railways has set a new record. It has registered a new record in the “Limca Book of Records”. A public service program of the Ministry of Railways had the highest attendance at many places. It was a virtual program, in which so many people participated that it became a record. On this day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid the foundation stone of 28 stations of Eastern Railway under a scheme of Rs 704 crore.

railway limca book record

railway limca book record

This program was organized on 26 February this year. 40,19,516 people participated in it at 2,140 different places. This program was organized by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to inaugurate railway over bridges and underpasses and lay the foundation stone of railway stations. Prime Minister Modi himself said in this program that whatever India does today, it does it at an unprecedented pace. India no longer dreams small, but works hard day and night to dream big. Limca Book of Records is an extension of the Limca brand. It was launched in India in 1990. This book recognizes the records of people who have crossed borders and Extraordinary The book lays special emphasis on the unique achievements of record holders and salutes those who choose to do something different in their lives than the common people.

The size of the Indian railway network can be estimated from the fact that the number of people traveling by train in India every day is not even equal to the population of Australia. About three crore people travel by Indian Railways every day, while the population of Australia is 2.75 crore. Indian Railways is the fourth largest rail network in the world. After India, Russia is in third place, China is in second place and the US rail network is in first place. This rail network has more than 7 thousand railway stations and more than 13 thousand passenger trains.